Successful Stories


Welcome to a journey of inspiration and achievement. At Youthlight Organization, we believe in nurturing talent and guiding individuals toward their fullest potential. In this blog post, we proudly showcase the remarkable success stories of our students. These individuals have embarked on unique paths, overcome challenges, and reached heights they once only dreamed of.

Their journeys are a testament to the transformative power of education, mentorship, and dedication. Join us as we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our students and draw inspiration from their stories of triumph.

Sometimes you need just a happy place surrounded by good people to start your life, and the happy place with good people for me is YLO, came here with zero englsih and now im where I am and I do what I do for English, my family couldn’t be able to bring me to a nice school but since this organization exists, im a happy man, graduated in media and I would like to become a journalist, happy for the support from Youth Light Organization.

I believe in the sayings that says if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together. Im happy for everything during my time at OBEC now known as YLO, I learnt my English here and it was a starting point into my academic life. Now im a teacher at a private school and I teach in nursery.

It’s always difficult to put it into words how this organization made impossible possible to my life, it has changed my life to the point that I see new me everyday, the English I got here helped me in my exams at school and I’m happy that now im in high school and I do everything in English and those subjects I learn are taught in English.

Nabeel’s Family
This is Nabeel who receives the education support from our organization, Nabeel is from a family of 5 children and he is the oldest, has got 3 sisters and 1 brother. Nabeel’s mum has been divorced and left 5 children with no place to live and even the financial support. Our organization reacted quickly and managed to get the help to rent a room and given Nabeel’s mum money to start a small business that can support her life. Now we help 4 children with the quality education.

When I firstly came to Youth Light Organization, and was formerly known as OBEC, I came here with no englsih and im happy as now I speak a good English and Chinese. I’m also an English teacher at YLO and a teacher at YOUTH ENGLISH CORNER in Zanzibar library. A volunteer to many good causes and a guide, also graduated in media, I am a man of many parts


My life at school didn’t go really well and I dropped out of school when I was really young, the life was tough and was almost heading to the wrong track. But im very happy for youth light organization turned my life from the darkness to the lightness. Even if I missed the education at school im very happy that now I speak a very nice English and I earn my own money, I help my family. Im a tour guide and taxi driver.